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Extraordinary Dresses is a website specifically designed to help you find the perfect dress for that special occasion. We’ve catalogued thousands of dresses, from various retailers, from every corner of the Internet. We hope that by providing you with so many options, all in one place, you’ll easily find the dress you’ve been searching for, without investing hours of your time visiting numerous websites in the process. We try to make it as easy as possible to find the one, by letting you narrow down the various choices available, based on the specific features you are looking for in a gown. We also provide you with helpful advice, to guide you through the daunting dress related vocabulary you may face, and to help you choose a style that best suits you.

Extraordinary Dresses was founded by Sarah Massey. She first came up with the idea for the website in 2012, whilst browsing for dresses online. After visiting several websites, she was beginning to get frustrated, and was starting to forget on which websites she had seen the dresses she liked the most. She realized it would be much more convenient if all the dresses were available in a single place, through just one website. Extraordinary Dresses was first launched a few years later, and is based in Surrey, England.

To contact us, please fill in the form on the Contact Us page, or email support@ExtraordinaryDresses.com.

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